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Thursday – October 15

Today it is very common to hear the word artificial intelligence and it is not so much because it is giving a lot to talk about from its educational uses to the implementation used by large companies such as Google or Facebook among others.

This time we have to talk about its use, but implemented in audiovisual production tools. Let’s talk a little about adobe premiere, this very powerful video editor that is already very famous in the world of editing, but in recent versions, it has surprised us because it already includes some functions that make our work easier, such as increasing and decreasing the audio of background automatically when there is an active voice of a narrator.

On the other hand, for quite some time, Adobe Photoshop has been improving a tool that is Content-Aware Fill, or content filling, with which it is possible to erase any undesirable object from an image and replace it automatically with information taken from the rest of the photo.

But that is not all. Since last year a technology quite similar to this began to be implemented, incredibly not only to a static image such as a photograph but also to a moving video, this tool is specific to Adobe After Effects. The focus of this feature is to fix burn errors in post-production. That is to say, having the possibility of deleting elements that appear flat and that, in reality, should not have been captured.

Artificial intelligence is definitely here to stay. Not only because of its great ease of use but also because of its great help in shortening the time more since such a result would only be achieved with thousands and thousands of hours of work and many times not with such precision.

Manuel Maldonado – Photo and video Producer