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Monday – May 31

In this blog, I will teach you a little about colorimetry and how to implement it correctly in your networks, as well as providing you with tools that will help you put what you have learned into practice.

We must bear in mind that what we seek with each publication is to generate the greatest possible impact on the audience, that they feel comfortable with the content and can spend several minutes on our profile, that is where colors play a fundamental role in our pieces, since, if implemented correctly, it will create a visual harmony along with the rest of the elements that compose it and will generate greater interest in what is being presented in the public.

Next, I will give you a series of recommendations that will help you have more striking publications and differentiate yourself from other creators.

1. Avoid using highly saturated colors

These types of colors are usually very striking because they have a greater visual load, but in the long term they generate exhaustion insight, also, it should be borne in mind that, with the light of mobile phones or computers, these colors tend to increase its intensity which in many cases makes it impossible to read what is being presented.

If, after knowing this, you want to use these colors for your publications, I recommend that you do not use more than one color and implement it in small quantities, counteracting it with very poorly saturated color.

2. Use contrasts

Contrast is a fundamental factor for publications, thanks to it we can highlight or enhance what we are showing and differentiate it from the rest of the colors found in the piece.
This factor is very important when working with texts because, if there is no contrast, the text will mix with the rest of the content, which will not make it stand out and in many cases will make it impossible to read.

red and black wooden window

3. Visual harmony

It is recommended that you define a color palette for your publications, this will help your audience recognize your content and make it stand out from others. Also, it will reinforce your brand and create remembrance in viewers.

white green and blue textile

4. Gradients

The use of gradients in the publications is usually very striking, but it is a resource that must be used with great care because the implementation of an excessive amount of colors can generate distraction or poor readability of the content. If you learn how to make good use of this resource you will make the best out of it.

pink and blue color illustration

Finally, I want to share with you a tool that will be very helpful for you if you still do not have much experience with the use of color, or it is difficult for you to create color palettes that are interesting.

The tool is called Adobe Color and it is free to use, there you can create from palettes with complementary colors, analogs, triads, monochromatic, to fully customized palettes.
In addition, it gives you a search option where by using keywords you can get color palettes created by other people that are related to what you are looking for or you can even share your own palettes.
I hope this blog has been of great help to you and you can implement each of the recommendations so that you have high-impact social networks.

Moises Torres – Graphic Designer