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Wednesday – February 3

You are planning to buy a camera and you don’t know where to start, you don’t know which is the right model for you or because there are so many types of cameras and you have no idea what is the difference between one and the other. To help you decide, we compare DSLR with mirrorless camera, to find out which one after considering size, weight, image quality, video quality or battery life, etc is right for you to buy.
In order to understand what the difference is between one and the other, the first thing to know is the meaning of each one:

SLR camera:

An SLR camera is a photographic camera in which the user (the photographer) directly views the image to be photographed through an optical viewfinder without any kind of parallax error.

Mirrorless camera

As the name implies, a mirrorless camera is a digital camera that does not require a mirror as it is a key component of a digital DSLR camera. The DSLR mirror reflects light back to the optical viewfinder. In a mirrorless camera, there is no optical viewfinder, but the image sensor is always exposed to light.

Considering the definition of each one we can say what are the advantages and disadvantages. At first glance we can physically see that a mirrorless camera is much more smaller and that does not mean it has lower quality because currently most recognized brands of cameras have a line of small cameras, another great advantage they enjoy is that they have a great power of autofocus and that in terms of photography, because in their video line can achieve video recording in 4 k which is quite limited in the DSLR this type of camera has no moving parts, so the shutter speed is much faster than the competition. Even among the most premium models of DSLR cameras they cannot match the speed achieved by mirrorless cameras.

Now we will talk about DCLR cameras or better known as reflex camera and I imagine you are wondering that you only talked about the advantages of mirrorless cameras and why know about another type of camera if these are the best are a marvel. Well unfortunately that’s not the case so I didn’t name the disadvantages of this camera because they are the advantages of the competition. In the line of this type of cameras we can see that they are bigger and more robust therefore they weigh much more, but in reality it is an advantage because they can live through many shocks and extreme situations, they are highly recommended for high-risk sport photography, also a great advantage they have is the performance of the battery, they are very durable in their charging time because they are cameras with mirrors and the mirror is analog therefore does not need electricity to operate unlike mirrorless cameras that do use it for that reason the battery charge lasts very little. DSRL cameras are much more economical than mirrorless cameras that is why the vast majority of people who are starting in the world of photography and video choose to buy this type of camera.

Saying which of this cameras is better is very difficult because it depends largely on what you are going to do with it, if you are going to record video in 4 k the best would be a mirrorless camera if you are the one who uses the camera a lot and you are one of those photographers who usually take thousands of pictures in a photographic section the best would be a DCLR camera, but if you must take into account these recommendations at the time of choosing one.

Manuel Maldonado – Photo and Video Producer