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Thursday – December 10

Selling is not an easy task, it requires empathy, talent, and sometimes the ability to persuade. What you probably did not know is that there are assertive communication resources that are infallible when it comes to selling, therefore, it does not matter if your goal is to sell a car, calculators, but if you know how to use Storytelling it can help us achieve business objectives.

What is Storytelling?

Basically, it is the art of telling stories with the objective of transmitting a message to those who listen to us, and that this can be internalized or have a special meaning for him or her.

A practical example is: if we want to sell an app that automates our home, surely our speech should not be about the technical part of the app but about the incredible advantages it can present in the lives of users, but it is not always easy to achieve that people internalize the transmitted message, then we can address them with stories.

So Storytelling is a tool that allows you to sell products or services through stories that generate empathy with users. We must know what we sell so that we can create incredible stories that help us in the process. For this, we use the creation of a story that has a beginning, a middle, and, of course, a great ending that is none other than a sale.

Main keys to creating good Storytelling.

Producing Storytelling is not the same as writing a simple story. Whether it’s a blog article, a video, or any other type of format, when creating it we must take into account certain important keys:

• Establish a starting point, in which you have the clarity of what you want to tell and the reason.
• The narration must produce emotions in the receiver of the message. In this way, it will remain in your memory for as long as possible.
• A good story of the Storytelling type makes the receiver participate in its meaning, getting involved with it.
• Select the style and tone with which we are going to address our audience.
• Choose the structure of the text. The normal thing is to use a synthesized structure.
• Once the recipient is involved, and you need to establish a bond. To do this, we will use the archetypes with which they can feel identified.
• This story has to be simple and easy to understand, to reach the largest number of users.

Job Coronado – FrontEnd Developer