Recreation of a product in a virtual enviroment. The result is a digital product , one you can explore in detail including a AR version of it.


La Design


Discover what makes us proud when developing projects that become tangible products. We explore and work on the entire process, from ideation to rapid prototyping, helping your organization save time and costs throughout effective actions and decisions before taking products to market.

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We develop images, videos and 3D banners for your website and social networks, based on the skills of our client’s product.

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Clients: Naissant Colombia

Advertising image made for the company naissant Colombia which was scheduled for the magazine PELUKERIAS and posters in the city, this image conveys a new revival for the launch of its flagship product collection, with a redesign for better market acceptance.

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Organic Nails
Location: Mexico, Jalisco
Product: Nail Color Gel

Advertising made for the product campaign launch
of new commercial line,
this image had a great commercial impact which had
an acceptance of the target public of 300% which
was reflected in the sales of the company.