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Thursday – July 30

Thanks to the artificial intelligence the processes when creating a static web page have been simplified therefore multiple services have appeared like The Grid, thanks to this we can build basic web pages that take decisions of design and semantics created by the humans to implement it in the web page. There is also another way of creating web pages that is currently being developed and is that through the camera the software captures in real time the wireframe that we are designing and implementing it in code.

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Artificial Web Design

The web design has already reached a maturity that you may think that there is no way to do something innovative but there is something very important and is that in the future there is no longer a need to design a website but there will be software with the help of artificial intelligence that will make it one. This leaves web developers to focus on other areas such as optimizing page load, developing the business logic of a web application, improving the user experience, among others. The truth is Websites are part of something much bigger: mobile applications, APIs, social networking presence, search engine optimization, customer service channels and physical locations, all of which inform the experience a user has with a brand, product or service. Pretending that you can run a business or deliver value simply by taking care of the web channel is naive at best and damaging at worst. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and will transform or improve many areas in this case will transform the way we build the web.

Job Coronado –

React Developer