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Friday – July 9

In this blog, you will learn a little about the branding process based on a concept and thus be able to obtain an identity that reflects the values you want to transmit and can connect with your target audience.

For this process to have a satisfactory result, we start from what we want to convey with our brand, this will be the key element since in the future it will allow us to determine shapes, colors, and elements that will accompany the logo.

Once the concept is determined, ideas are presented for the possible name, this process is known as naming, and it is essential because the name is what will help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the brands that are in the market, Therefore, it is about looking for a word that, in addition to reflecting what you want to convey, is also short to generate remembrance in people, and even sometimes it is sought that it is phonetically harmonious. This process can be time-consuming, but when you get to what you are looking for it will be worth it.

Already having the name, a process of exploration of forms and sketching is carried out in order to determine which of all helps us to communicate the idea much better. Sketching is a very important process since it requires designers to create new proposals and explore the elements much more and thus gradually leave the comfort zone.

In the branding process, everything has a meaning, even the smallest detail fulfills a function, and colors cannot be the exception, for this, the psychology of color is used, taking into account that each of these transmits emotions or sensations different, and in this way to reaffirm the objective of our brand.

Remember that the success of this process is based on having clear objectives, towards where you project your brand in the future, who will be your audience, what you want to achieve with it, and if in addition to this you have good advice for all graphic development, I assure you that you will have a unique identity that transmits an idea and connects with the public.

Having an identity is so important for your brand that why with LAGENCY we have a team ready and prepared to help you find yours.

Moises Torres – Graphic Designer