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Wednesday – May 5

DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro are for me the best editors that we can find today not only because they enjoy great prestige in the audiovisual community, but also because of their graphic processing engines that are of great help when doing a work of a professional finish.

I do this based on my own opinion, with this I do not mean to discredit one above the other, is simply to give you an idea of what to expect when using them or maybe it will help you to choose.

The truth is that the task when making an edition between these great editors is very similar until it may at some point coincide in keyboard shortcuts, but the practice of DaVinci is different, although it sounds somewhat contradictory to the aforementioned.

Unlike Adobe, Resolve integrates more tools in a single application, so that it is not necessary to go to third-party programs, thus avoiding exporting projects between programs, you can also see in real-time the process of changing a video clip by moving it with the mouse, apart from this, you can easily switch the cut point between two video clips with the same tool.

In addition, one of the great advantages that this program has and that I am sincere at the time of writing this post is that the color treatment in DaVinci is much superior to that of the premiere with its famous lumetri another point that we must take into account is its price Since it has 2 versions, resolve studio, which is priced at $295 dollars and a free version with some limitations, but in general, it is a version that you can perfectly work with since it is not a demo but a smaller version in some functions.

Now that we already talked about many wonders of DaVinci Resolve now it is the turn of Adobe Premiere paradoxically one of the characteristics that Resolve has is one of the advantages of having premiere is the integration completely with the adobe suite: Photoshop, Audition, After Effects, Illustrator this it can be of great help.

For example, if I have a video sequence and I want to improve the audio, I can use adobe audition for noise reduction to master the audio track or it is the After Effects to create an intro or cinematographic titles in a few words Adobe is an individual application package that is why it is more powerful because it is specifically dedicated to each area, it has an advanced multi-camera editing function.

It should be noted that both programs can use multi-cameras.
However, when it comes to Davinci, Resolve process is a bit long and only allows to handle 16 cameras simultaneously but premiere has unlimited use

In terms of cost, the Adobe package is more expensive because there are more tools and its price ranges around 60 dollars per month. In its pro version, it also has a demo version, but this only lasts for a 30-day trial.

In short, there is no solid winner between these programs. I can only say that each one has its pros and cons and that it is a matter of taste and comfort to use one over the other software.

Manuel Maldonado – Photo and Video producer