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Tuesday – December 29

On many occasions, we plan to acquire a computer to generate audiovisual content and we have no idea what type of computer we can purchase.
In this article, I will not dedicate myself to explain which operating system is better if Mac or Windows. Since I consider that it is rather a matter of taste when using these operating systems for the production and creation of audiovisual media, although it is true that on some occasions these tools stand out more than others.

This time I will talk about what components to consider (hardware). Next, I will give you some small tips of what you should take into account when purchasing one.
Telling you exactly what components you need is especially tricky due that it depends on what level of expertise you are at. Therefore, I am going to recommend you taking into account the cost-benefit and on what occasion these characteristics serve you. I am going, to begin with, the most basic use, of a home-use computer, adapted to an essential graphic design to the advanced use of a workstation.


My first recommendation goes to that graphic designer who is just starting with tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Core Draw. For these, I recommend an intel core i3 processor or equivalent in the AMD line, a Ryzen 3 with 4 or 8 Gb of RAM (the most recommended are 8 Gb) a hard disk of 1Tb. Besides that, if you have a budget for a 240 Gb SSD to use for the operating system and the programs would not be bad at all and an input line motherboard and, in this specific case, I am not going to recommend a dedicated graphics card (many times the processor’s own integrated graphics can be enough).
My second recommendation is for those people who are already engaged in audiovisual production and who are now at a medium level. In this case, it must be taken into account that it is not only the use of graphic design tools but also the use of editors of audio and video. We must bear in mind that it is for editing that its maximum resolution would be 1920 x 1080 and that if you decide to use it in sporadic cases in 4K video production we would have to use proxies. For the case of adobe premiere to help you edit media of such a resolution taking into account this recommendation you could already buy a computer with the latest generation Intel i5 or ryzen 5 processor with a memory of 8 to 16 Gb of RAM a mid-range motherboard, 1 SSD for the operating system and programs from 240 to 512 Gb and a 1 Tb mechanical hard disk for file storage an Nvidia graphics card with 4 Gb of RAM DDR 5 can be the 1660 super or the 1050 ti, if not enough for the 1660 super.

For my third and last recommendation, it is for audiovisual production but for 4K and 3D modeling, this is for the more advanced users in the professional field. Here we would use programs such as Adobe Premiere, After Effect, 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya among others, and my recommendation would be a processor with many cores the Intel Core i9 or equivalent and many times higher Ryzen 9 both in its last generation, 32 to 64 Gigs of RAM memory, 1 high-end motherboard, 1 graphics card, Rtx 3090 and in this case if you must use several SSD for the correct operation. For Adobe Premiere and after effect that will be distributed as follows: 1 SSD for and operating systems 1 SSD for the cache memory and another SSD for the storage of the audiovisual media that in their entirety would be a 3 SSD of 512 each and 4 Tb mechanical hard drive for file storage.

It should be noted that currently, AMD processors are the most powerful on the market but I do not recommend it as an absolute product because its cost has increased a lot compared to the competition.
I hope this gives you an idea of what I consider are the proper tools for developing your expertise and create awesome productions if you create anything shares it with us on our social network to see your work. Obviously, this is just my humble recommendation, make sure to do your research and I will love to hear your opinion and know what you use.
Thank you for reading and get this far, make sure to follow us for more content.

Manuel Maldonado – Photo and Video Producer