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Wednesday – January 06

We all have dreams, goals, and projects that at some point we have wanted to carry out, we want to realize every idea we have to materialize what we want to achieve in the short term, but the reality is that we find the statistics that most people who begin to run a project on their own often fail to complete it.
Usually, the lack of completion of projects is due to the fact that there is no planning, simply drawing up what you want to achieve but not how or step by step to achieve these objectives, thus losing the most powerful means to conquer the top

Creative Rain

Before carrying out a planning we must fill the blank spaces that may arise, and that’s why we will have a BrainStorm of ideas, this must be a calm space and without pressure that allows us to illustrate each of the ideas that are presented to us to carry out our goal, usually it is a time where we let our imagination flow and we are in the perfect environment to express everything that comes to mind.

Tag your information

With so much content generated we must tag, adding tags to our ideas allows us to distribute all the information we have generated to turn chaos and spontaneity into an organized route of objectives to be conquered, in this way we already have the objective, the resources and a set of ideas that will guide us towards our goal. In this step we will define our main ideas as the pillars of what we are building and from there distribute the remaining information.

Runs a route of execution

Having defined the overall picture of our project and all the resources together with the organization to carry it out, the ideal is to carry out a route with partial deliveries that lead us to achieve our goal, this method is known as divide and conquer in the world of programming and allows us to divide the route to our solution in small solutions that are given in a partial, organized and structured in order to realize our progress and the remaining way.
Finally, by giving consensus to all these steps and resources, we will have our project within reach through this powerful tool, the creative tool of the Storyboard.

Carlos Ayala – DevOps Developer