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Wednesday – March 5

A user interface design is what allows human-computer interaction to occur. That is, the interface allows:

That the person can effectively control the actions of the machine.

That the person receives responses from the machine that let him/her know if the interaction is correct and how to continue acting.

This is why an interface designer, or UI designer for short, has to make sure that the interaction process can be carried out in an easy and intuitive way and that the person (user) can access the information or perform the desired actions in the simplest possible way.

This year was the explosion of UI design tools and there has been a huge transition in the way modern user interfaces are created. It could be that the days of creating PSD mockups in Photoshop are coming to an end.

If you want to start in the world of Ui/Ux design you must make the right decision as to which tool is ideal for you, for example, if you work on Mac Sketch could work for you, or if you prefer to use an online tool available on any device and more modern you can use Figma, or if you simply want to use the veteran tool easily accessible to everyone as part of the Adobe suite, you can use Adobe xd.

Isabella Alvarez – Graphic Desingner