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Wednesday – Octuber 7

Companies adapt their product, its message and its communication to the level of needs that they can satisfy. To do this, they use different strategies and tools for design and advertising. Through market research they discover which items meet the best needs of a given population.

For this reason, it is very important to know how to distinguish any of these cases because it will not be the same as the strategy used by a product destined to satisfy a need, then another destined to awaken that “crazy” purchase impulse.

Due to this problem, the United States psychologist Abraham Maslow, developed “The pyramid of needs”, a model that raises the hierarchy of human needs.

(Level 1) Physiological or basic needs: They refer to the maintenance of health, respiration, body temperature, food, sleep, sexual relations, etc.

(Level 2)Security and protection needs: Includes private property, employment, physical security, etc.

(Level 3)Social Needs: Includes the need for friendship, affection, love, acceptance of others, intimacy, etc.

(Level 4)Need for self-esteem: It refers to aspects such as confidence, success, respect and personal development.

(Level 5)Need for Self-Realization: Includes potential development: morality, creativity, spontaneity and acceptance.

This tool will allow you to understand the needs, issues, and pain points you want to solve for your costumers. This is one of many you can use, we suggest this, you can opt to use whatever suits you. The important thing is that you need to plan ahead and don’t do all improvise, make time to build a structure whereby you can have an outline to check what work and what didn’t, and how you can correct mistakes but, most importantly, to replicate the successes.

Isabella Álvarez – Graphic Designer