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Wednesday – September 23

Can there really be a difference between them? Although it contains the same word, we must understand that each concept is different and that both do work when it comes to wanting to promote a brand or manage sales for a product or business. How they are used, correctly or incorrectly, that is already the biggest differential factor.

Times have changed and it is true, and that we all of us uses smartphones, and that most of the world is on the internet is also a reality; However, we cannot underestimate elements such as billboards, radio commercials, television commercials, brochures, and other more well-known ones, basically because these elements are useful depending on, in which areas they are used. As an example, imagine that you are driving on the highway. Of course, you cannot go checking social networks or watching the internet in your car while driving, and suddenly you find a large led billboard, which shows you the next concert of your favorite artist, or the discounts your favorite car´s manufacturer is doing to a new model and, what a coincidence, the dealer is just 1 km from the ad. In other words, this advertising was effective and above all, it was put in the right place and at the right time.

Now let’s talk about digital marketing, and of course, we must talk about these massive companies that generate millions of likes or views a day around the world, such as youtube, Facebook, Instagram…etc. These are other different advertising concepts, which are generating jobs that did not exist before, previously who talked of influencers, or community managers? Who knew what the Google or Facebook pixel was? Or know what´s Re-marketing these days and how it is used for advertising to track you on your networks?

We are talking about short videos that cause an impact, and each time these videos get shorter and shorter to reduce service costs on servers, for example, the new TikTok Unicorn, with 15-second videos, where all the influencers must be on.

Now well, who knows how the digital content of these advertisements should be? How is it done correctly? What do I want to acquire? Likes, views, followers, or (what we all want) A PURCHASE?

You must understand this concept very well, because, if we are not clear about the difference between one and the other, it is most likely that your marketing budget is going into the hands of unscrupulous agencies or people and your sales don’t end up resulting on what you expected when hiring them.

Please be careful when selecting/choosing marketing services, make a proper research and get qualified recommendations on each one.

Luis Bernal – A human changing the world.