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Thursday – December 3

Thanks to the internet we have a large number of resources such as programs, guides, techniques and tools.

A category corresponding to the tools that I want to talk about today are those that help us to select color online, simply and quickly, without the need to use any editing programs or composition of images and interfaces, and the best way to start is with one of the easiest to find and use, we are talking about Google’s color picker, which simply by typing it in the aforementioned search we will be able to make use of it, where we can select the color that is to our liking and obtain its code of the color in different formats be in hexadecimal, RGB, CMYK, HSV or HSL.

This tool also allows us to quickly see what color a code belongs to just by typing it in the search engine. Thus being a simple and easy tool but really fast and useful.

On the other hand, another very much complete tool which will mainly allow us to generate color palettes in a random way is, with this online tool can generate a random color palette by pressing the space bar, ensuring the colors that we like by doing Click on the padlock icon and copy its hexadecimal code in a straightforward and intuitive interface and save it in our account, if we have one. An added value that this tool offers us is the possibility of extracting the colors from an image that we upload.

Now, we also have the option of using an extension that we can find for different browsers called colorzilla. Colorzilla is a famous firefox developer tool which allows us to capture a color from a web page and copy it directly to the clipboard, as well as generate gradients.

In addition to having a tool similar to the color picker for quickly selecting a color, present it on a spectrum and allow us to obtain its different codes either in hexadecimal, RGB, HSV, or HSL and save them in a color history.

Finally, a tool created by a well-known company in the world of design is Adobe’s color wheel, which is a tool that allows us to generate color palettes based on harmonic patterns such as monochromatic, triads, squares, complementary divisions, among others graphically and easily. Allowing us to obtain its hexadecimal code and edit the RGB levels graphically.

This is only the summary of some tools which could make our jobs easier to help us get out of a point in which we are stuck since many times we do not have the time or help of a designer and it is necessary to generate some solution or We are in a situation where we simply want to do something on our part without having to download or buy any specialized software in that area.

Diego Cañon – FrontEnd Developer