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Wednesday – September 09

The Internet is a wonderful world where we can interact with people, search for information, develop an infinity of ideas, but not all people can access the Internet in the way we normally access, such as people with a visual or hearing disability, among others challenges. Approximately 15% of people worldwide are disabled and if we talk about the United States they are 22%. That is why the im-portance of having our web pages as accessible as possible.

Creating accessible websites doesn’t just help people with permanent disabilities. It also makes a big difference in other types of temporary disabilities. Someone with a temporary disability, such as lost glasses or a broken arm, can benefit from the accessible web

How can we make our website accessible?

Here are some tips to improve accessibility on your website.

1.Test your website on a screen reader. This is a good technique since we can idealize a page with our ears and have almost the same experi-ence as if we were seeing it with our eyes.

2.Provide image descriptions. Normally it is called alternative text or alt in the property of the img tag this is useful for the blind since through it they could know what the image is about.

3.Test your colors. Did you know that dark mode was created primarily to improve accessibility? We must choose in the best way and think of people with a visual disability such as color blindness.

4.Your site must be accessible through the keyboard. We must ensure that our website must be accessible only with our keyboard. We can test this using our website only with the keyboard and look at the experience we get.

Final thoughts We can conclude that accessibility is very important since by making use of it, more people can be reached, therefore our website and the experience will be much better for all who visit it regardless of their conditions.

Job Coronado – FrontEnd Web Developer