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Wednesday – September 09

When we think about our business, the first thing we want is for it is to be successful, but how do we make our services or products successful? That’s right, with Marketing, however, knowing this how do we know that our marketing strategy is on the right track? Today I bring you some tips to improve your marketing strategy.

First, we must know and define our marketing objective.

Transmit the company’s message: Online or traditional marketing still has the objective of getting your company’s message to as many people as possible.

Positioning in the mind of the consumer: Another of the objectives of marketing is that your brand or product is the first thing that will come to mind when consumers think of the type of service or product category that your company offers or sells. For example, Apple has made sure that when someone thinks of Mp3 players, the first thing that comes into their minds is the iPod.

Increase sales: All these efforts to create your brand and position yourself in the minds of your potential customers, at the same time, must materialize so that your company’s sales grow considerably.

Having our target selected and perfectly knowing our product, client, and competition, it will be much easier to determine which strategies are the right ones to perform a good marketing and make our product a total success!

We all know the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) but now with the whole revolution of social networks and E-Commerce sales more elements have been added to this, as well as Services, Branding, Communities, etc.

That’s why I suggested at the beginning to define your objectives so that you can base your marketing strategy precisely on these, it will be something like customizing your strategy according to what you want to have or where you want to go with your product/service.


PRODUCT STRATEGIES: The product is any good or service that a company produces for the purpose of commercializing it and satisfying a consumer need. What could we do?

  • Include new attributes to the product, for example, give it a new package, a new design, new colors, new logo.
  • Launch a new product line, for example, if our product is Perfumes for women, we can choose to launch a special series of Soap and Creams for the same market.
  • Include new customer services, which provide more comfort or satisfaction, for example, include home delivery, installation service, new guarantees, new payment facilities, advice on purchase.

PRICE STRATEGIES: Price is the combination of the values that consumers give in exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. What could we do?

  • Make seasonal promotions, reducing the prices of the product for a limited time.
  • Special prices for distinguished customers.
  • Reduce the price of a product, so that we can attract more customers.

PLACE STRATEGIES: The place consists in selecting the places or points of sale where our products will be sold or offered. What could we do?

  • To locate our products in all the points of sale that have been and will be (intensive distribution).
  • Make use of intermediaries to achieve greater coverage of our products or increase our points of sale.
  • Have always available a map of your location printed and on your website.

PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES: Promotion is basically reminding consumers of the existence of a product, as well as persuading, motivating, or inducing their purchase or acquisition. What could we do?

  • Create activities or events.
  • Sponsor an institution or another company.
  • Create electronic newsletters, keep your website active and with information of interest to consumers.

If you start a business or have a new service, make sure it is on the web. If you belong to a traditional sector or have other channels, prepare your website, social networks and other elements that guarantee a successful transition. Any company, at any stage, benefits from a marketing strategy. Plan, develop and improve your tactics so that you grow stronger at every step.

Nicole SanMiguel –

Foreign Trade and logistics