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Wednesday – July 23

As the traditional business model (brick and mortar) for retailers starts to migrate to more digital conditions, and potentially become solely online, and have an abrupt learning curve urging them to adapt as soon as possible into this new reality, where the customers are being forced to adjust their buying behaviors.

The offer for solutions as websites, apps, among others, are emerging with cheaper and faster results, and with the increasing need for these solutions, a lot of software companies are taking advantage of this necessity. But is it possible to get good solutions, that in normal circumstances takes months, in less than 30 days?

Makes you wonder, are these promises a good product/service or is just the result of smoke sellers reaching for the increased, sometimes not educated (on this specific subject such as digital and software solutions), and most of the time a desperate demand. I believe is the latter and I understand businesses are going through very difficult times where reaching the consumers is becoming a bigger challenge, and I love the idea of new business entering the online world, hey! some of us live from this, but when you go all in you have to do it right if not your efforts will get you anywhere maybe more broke or hopeless than when you started this journey. A good partner is a must, as for all things in life, nothing that is worthy will happen overnight. Choose wisely and run the numbers and don’t get a random solution because is inexpensive, in the long run, you might end up paying more.

I urge you to analyze and strategically decide what is best for your business, read about the topic, and never compromise the vision of your company. A great web page will need UI/UX which is basically what your customer “feels” and sees on your sites either on pc or mobile, in overall the experience of the customer, good images, and an eye-catching web catalogs, high-quality pictures of your product, complete branding identification, positioning or good ranking on the net, compelling and copy content for your products or services, video and design content for other platforms to reach, attract and motivate your audience to execute an action either to purchase or sign up for your website, leave a message or recommend you to their friends.

No matter what you choose to do either to cave for the advertising that you have been the target, or you opt to proceed with a good ally and select a better option in the market. I would like to welcome you to the digital waters, where it might be a rocky journey but I wish you to succeed and reach for your goals.

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Daxara Moras –

E-commerce Strategics